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And she whispered “I do”…

27 May

…She had allowed herself to dream—of a vibrant life that included herself – dancing freely as she traveled the world—and, once she found the right person, falling in love and sharing her life with her beloved. But now, as she stood in the lush garden lined by elegant white arches and colonnades, her body draped with layers of silk and jewels and a veil, the young princess felt that her dreams were being crushed to dust. She knew that sooner or later, she’d have to settle down and marry, somehow she didn’t anticipate who the lucky man might be. She ended up in an arranged marriage due to an old friendship and hard times.


She did not dare to even breathe her thoughts for fear that her mother, the queen, will punish her. All she could think behind her veils was the eyes which used to look at her fondly – throughout all the years, all the lives, and the universes, they were drawn together. But those eyes could never express what was in his heart – she will never know about it either. And she was left with no choice. But maybe that would be a bigger gamble…

In times of war what you might think of being the end may be the beginning of something else: better, sweeter, lovelier and a hundred times more lethal.

What you might think to be true can turn out to be one of the greatest lies. And what distances you from what you want can bring you closer to your unwanted but already planned destiny.

But the war has ended. Then why do the sayings stay true on this time?

The past shall repeat itself, with the war over another shall begin. And she whispered “I do”… praying it was the best thing she’d every say.

– MB