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The Quarter Life …

29 Jul

“What the hell happens to me?” I would wonder. A lot of people feel that way to some extent when we look back at our younger selves and realize how much we’ve changed. The answer, of course, is that we all grow up — and for many of us, what it meant to be “happy” slowly evolves into something completely different. Happiness becomes less the high-energy, totally-psyched experience of a teenager partying while her parents are away or the pyjamas parties.

That doesn’t mean we are less happy now. The kinds of activities we might not have thought earlier tend to bring us a lot more pleasure as we grow. Having reached the quarter-life, the now is more focused on building a career, feeling loved, be free…

It is also the moment of a quarter-life crisis, where  we are consumed by questioning the direction of our career, relationships, and overall life purpose. Whenever I’m in those phases, my dad would just tell me that I’m in a period of intense soul searching…which is somehow true! You can get out of it either fully depressed or fully awakened.


But at this stage, there are things which I wouldn’t live with:

I don’t want to live a life which others expect me of – I want to live a life true to myself. I want to honour my dreams and all the things I’ve been blessed with. I don’t wish to look back one day on my life and hold regrets of what I should have done…

I want to be happy. I don’t want to stay stuck in old patterns and habits. The so called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflow into many people’s emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change have them pretending to others and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they long to laugh properly and have silliness in their life.

I want to fall in love.. a love where all things are possible, even if they aren’t necessarily looking good today. A love, which comes all natural – which doesn’t feel like a battle. A love which is magical, a love which is not a choice – but a feeling!

I will cherish the few important people in my life and spend most of my time with them. I will express my feelings to them and let know how much they matter to me..

I want to take responsibility of my life, which goes far beyond holding down a job and keeping your house plants watered…or having kids and all.Taking responsibility moves us from a position of feeling like a victim of life, powerless in it, to a place of feeling confident and powerful to weather the storms that may come our way and create the life we envision. Taking responsibility puts our success in our own hands, which is an empowering feeling.

I want to make peace with the past and let it go

I want to travel the world..

…I just WANT to live!