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I am.

4 Jun

Often times, I have been questioned or forced to listen to a long story about my life, about the way I am, about the way I CHOSE to live my life. My fields of thoughts are different from my family or surroundings all the time, that I’ve been often saddled with everything negative and I’ve been labelled as being a rebel.

No, I’m not a rebel. I just have my own thoughts – I chose not to go for the institution established by man for various reasons. Exert control, instill morality, stroke egos or whatever it may be.  I’m not into your religion of blind faith, tragic superstitions, public rituals, dogma or organised doctrines. We are born each one as a baby lion, fearless and enthusiastic, we are quickly indoctrinated and conditioned by our parents and the society around us to be fearful and apathetic.

I do believe in a SUPREME EXISTENCE – an infinite energy, which is beyond our ability to observe, beyond comprehension and perception.  The Almighty is OMNIPRESENT. I believe in SIRAAT- UL MUSTAQEEM – The Straight, Balanced Path that takes you to your desired destinations and ultimately death. 

I believe in the Holy Quran being the complete book and guidance. The Quran serves as a guidance to expand your knowledge and build your wisdom, to expand your emotional condition to ever higher states, to establish firm and unshakable belief.

But above all, I believe in reasoning. I believe in being created to acquire knowledge.

Why do we pray? Why do you take the positions you do when you pray? – The position you take when you pray is the optimal orientation to realign your own virtual energy pattern. It is to connect the earths electromagnetic field with your personal field of the sixth Chakra, and therefore with the energy of creation. The Almighty, has established a process for resetting your brain to 7.84 cps, perfect to develop reason. Salaat infuses your consciousness with the ideal cycle of thought. Why do we need to purify our body? We often do ablution without even knowing why.  When we are close to others our energy fields interact, we exchange information, as we cannot judge the true intention, desires, beliefs, previous actions of others held within their pattern, we contaminate our own pattern slightly through these interactions, when we wash it through ablution, it withdraws the pattern within ourselves, in preparation for the removal of the confusion.


My beliefs are well beyond what I hear in my everyday  ” you HAVE to do this and that” life. No, I don’t HAVE to do anything…I HAVE to do what I believe and understand is right.

I believe in lending ears to my inner voice rather than being dictated

I believe in “living in the present” and not to feel remorse for which has already passed. I believe in lifting my spirit and learn from my errors rather than speaking of sins, faults or mistakes.

I believe in being true to myself rather than repressing humanity and returning to a false paradigm

I believe in infinite consciousness and all that is – It is God. God is not religion!

I believe in questioning things, in seeking the sacredness in everything. We have an obligation to attempt to understand our convictions, and in so doing establish firm beliefs; we have been created for knowledge.

I believe in something that feeds me confidence rather than something that feeds me fear.

I believe in individuality rather than adapting to the psychology of a template

I believe in living and improving myself in the here and now rather than the past or the future

I believe in liberty in awareness rather than the confinement of my memory.  I believe in expanding my mind to enlightenment.

I believe in the light to find God in my inner self, in this life, in the present, in the here and the now…

I believe in a freedom which teaches responsibility towards yourself.

– MB