The Awkward moments and feelings in Life!

26 Mar
  • Seeing a bug, then losing track of it and becoming a paranoid prisoner in your own home.
  • When Facebook, Whatsapp or BBM tells on you for reading a message without responding. Thanks for blowing covers, exposing occasional ignorers/cheaters, and ruining acquaintanceships (does this word even exist?) across the globe with your snitching.
  • Turning my blackberry on takes FOREVER! I would wait patiently, watching the loading bar slowly increase, and once it got good and fully turned on, it has a security check! What did you need to check, we just spent 10 minutes getting you ready, aren’t you ready?!
  • Catching people standing behind you, staring at your screen. It doesn’t matter if you’re texting or surfing the web for completely normal, appropriate content, there’s something irritating about a person attentively watching your personal text messages be written, or keeping tabs on your web habits. I’m always tempted to open a word document and, in size 100 Times New Roman, write: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT WEIRDO?
  • Funny situation
  • When Courts Sales commercial or the Gangnam style clip come on. PLEASE STOP. They should be flagged as inappropriate content!
  • If a person stares at you for longer than five seconds. Only in films are lingering gazes so acceptable, and that’s probably because they’ve got the help of some sort of musical score playing in the background. Stares are uncomfortable for the most part. One second is basic eye contact. Two seconds are a lengthier glance. Three are potential flirtation. Four are like, okay, what’s your deal? Do you think I’m captivatingly attractive or fascinatingly hideous? And five are a flat out violation. What is it that you’re trying to process about my face that’s taken 1/12th of a minute?
  • Thinking that you’ve found a parking space, but as you turn in you discover that a motorcycle, or some other vehicle the size of a cat has already occupied the spot.
  • When a sneeze refuses to come out, causing you to look like a fool with a scrunched up face.
  • Trying to hold your laugh when somebody says “CatamarON” instead of catamaran and keeps on using the word over and over, in each and every single phrase that comes out of their mouth. It happened like hundred times since people got acquainted to that new thing, called catamaran!
  • Eating at a table with a bunch of people you don’t even know.
  • Waiting to hear from somebody specific and being bombarded by texts & calls from everyone who isn’t that person.
  • ATM Fees – Being required to pay money before you can access and retrieve your own money is a bogus concept. I’m considering of getting a stock of everything piled up because buying a pack of gum and getting cash back feels significantly less unfair than paying my money to acquire my money.
  • When the week feels like: Moooooooooooooonday, Tuuuuuuuuuuueeeesday, Weeeeeeeeeeeednesday, Thuuuuuuuuuursday, FriSatSun.
  • Checking your bank account after a day of shopping.
  • Getting paid but knowing in advance that your check will be consumed by lots of stuffs.
  • Entering a parked car on a scorching hot summer day. A Roasted Me!
  • When gas prices are increasing day by day.
  • Never saving someone’s number in your phone. Get texts from them that ask “how are you?” and respond “Who’s this? New phone…” You’ll invariably get a text back that’s like “Um, hello! It’s so-and-so!” They’re offended. They know you don’t have a new phone. You just didn’t want to save their number because that would mean that they existed and mattered. (Note: I actually do this all the time. Not because I don’t like the person but because I’m the laziest human being alive. Sometimes it’s because I hate them though.)
  • Emailing the wrong attachment or sending a work email without any subject. It happened so many times to me, that I often asked myself if I need to follow a course on how to use Emails.
  • Running into acquaintances is unavoidable, but when the conversation ends, we have to make sure to pay attention to the direction they’re headed in. Go the opposite way, because saying “bye” and walking the same route makes for an awkward walk and a second, awkward-er goodbye.
  • When a couple starts fighting and you don’t know how to react and starts glancing in all angles – up, down, right, left, 180 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees…
  • Singing songs you’re not extremely familiar with at a level higher than the volume it’s being played at. All it takes is one incident in which you confidently singing the wrong lyrics at the incorrect part, in a LOUD voice, for you to understand how embarrassing this can be.
  • I’ve learnt the hard way, not to ever, EVER make assumptions about a person being pregnant.
  • Showing a colleague a picture on your phone and he/she scrolling down and seeing something NSFW. Guess I should start strictly enforce the see-with-your-eyes-not-with-your-hands rule.
  • When eating bananas, avoid eye contact with people as you go in for a bite.
  • Starting to say something and then getting interrupted…not once, but twice! -.-” That’s rude, very rude! Let me say what I have to, before I…forget!
  • Having to read a lease or contract in front of someone who’s waiting for you to sign it. Do you expect me to read it all and understand it while you are looking at me? Seriously?

One Response to “The Awkward moments and feelings in Life!”

  1. K December 7, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    could not resist sending a comment. i laughed all the way reading this!!! did u write it?
    indeed very imaginative and…attuned to real life!

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