My Mornings..In the Traffic Jam!

28 Feb

My morning routines are more like “mourning” routines. Dragging me out of bed is usually the most difficult thing. A little confession –  “I am not a morning person” (But I can be the most adorable person you have ever encountered during your whole existence in the evening…Yes Yes). I have the innate ability of being able to slap an alarm clock’s snooze button without actually rising fully out of unconsciousness. I believe my record during one morning marathon was two hours of consecutive snooz-age. The thing is, snoozing sucks. It’s low-quality sleep that doesn’t leave you feeling restful in any way. My groggy brain is not rational enough in the a.m. to understand this. I am also the ultimate sleep-lover; I can sleep straight 14-15 hours.

After the usual morning wake ups, there’s the usual traffic jam, which is becoming worse these days. Sitting down in the car for 45 mins is hard. All I can do is just sit and watch people. Here are some of the things I’ve seen in the morning:

Am I?

1. Nose picking. I know all of us have seen. But when traffic is at a stand still, it’s like everything becomes so much more extreme. I guess because you can REALLY see the person digging and digging. Scraping at the nostril walls, occasionally forcing his thumb up there to try and tweeze the booger out. Yikes. But the worst part is the post-pick flick.

2.Make-up application. Hairbrushers! Putting on ties! Peeking in the rear-view through the sunglasses!

3. Make advances. I have a friend who’s met women in traffic jams.  Traffic jams are apparently, the new unconventional place to find a mate. I must admit, sitting down in your car and having a nice face just next to you in a nice car can be a nice thing sometimes!

4. Get out of the car to see what’s going on. Seriously, dude, what will getting out of your car change?

5. People in buses or lorries staring down at you long enough, just when you are eating a bowl of cereals and you are all messed up!

6. Striking legs out of the window. That was gross! And I don’t wish to write down details on what I saw.

7. Couples making out, seriously dude and dudette – How do you even get these types of things done in the MORNING? *feels nauseous*

8. Winking, staring or waving! No. I’m not in the mood.

9. I’ve had the experience of singing a tune – Waka waka and glancing next to me to see the guy in the car singing along to the same tune and it was…euh weird!

10. Seeing a pale guy in the car who actually looks like he has lost everything in his life…opens the door, pukes like hell, and gets back in the car. Did I mention that I was having my cereal in the car at the time?

11. Some couples in mood to look in completely opposite directions from each other, with the wife/girlfriend or whoever looking in one direction and the man looking in the other.

So the next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam, look around you … It can actually make your day…or well, you can always learn from it !


One Response to “My Mornings..In the Traffic Jam!”

  1. stillwater92 February 28, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Haha, good post! I am a people watcher too :p!

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