#. 3 The PMS time of the month…

28 Jan

You know you are pms-ing when:


1. You are on the brinks of tears when you spill your coffee or you have flat lifeless hair, which even makes you consider hair transplant;

2. Much as we hate to admit this, the men in our lives tend to know when we are PMSing before we do. Yes, they tend to bring it up in the dumbest way imaginable, leading us to deny the facts as vehemently as possible, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I mean, come on… you’re crying over chocolate and stomping your feet over spilled milk… even your cat can tell that you’re PMSing!;

3. You see two cars waiting on the side of the road and you can’t figure out why (or rather pretend not to) – you actually overtake them and park in the same parking space which they were waiting for. Sorry dude!;

4. Your skinny jeans can not be zipped without your being horizontal;

5. A pimple can ruin your love or whatever life you have for days;

6. You can’t even figure why in the first place you had a crush over a certain guy;

7. When you are driving and you want to run over almost everyone on your way;

8. You can detect the lame excuses/BS brought up by people;

9. Food makes you feel nauseous;

10. You actually take the phone and calls your significant other at 1AM to wake him up, and accuse him of not caring because he hadn’t called you in more than six hours;

11. You drag yourself to shower, work, supermarket…actually you drag yourself everywhere, because you simply don’t want to walk;

12. You feel so hot, you can actually transform into a volcano and spit out lava;

13. Out of nowhere, you mention that armed robbery could be justified if you’re out of cash and hungry for m&m’s or lindt;

14. You have cramps and when you lie in bed but can’t find sleep, you start wondering about each and every little detail of life and you start questioning your existence ;

15. Movies/serials are ten times more emotional, than when you watch them on normal days;

16. You look at people with a totally blank expression and they start wondering if there’s something wrong with them;

17. Chocolate makes you a happy bunny;

18. You are texting and auto-correct keeps on pestering you that you give up writing the text and set or rather throw your mobile away;

19. The 0ne million dollar question- Why me…???

All we want is to be…loved! When we pms…! 😉


2 Responses to “#. 3 The PMS time of the month…”

  1. Patricia January 29, 2013 at 12:43 am #

    This could also refer to menopausal women…low estrogen can make one a beast. I know this from experience. It never ends that’s why we have a sense of humor and tear ducts…and chocolate.

  2. aniisah January 29, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    I can so relate to #17! Chocolate always does it for me!
    Actually, when I am in that *period* of the month, I eat, eat and eat! -_-‘

    Good post btw! I’m sure many girls/women will find themselves in this.

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