Sweet taste of summer rain

6 Jan

…As she ran through the dark forest on that night to meet him, she could hear the sound of her own heart beats accompanied by the sound of her footsteps with crack and crumble of dried twigs and leaves underfoot. He was not the love of her life, he was just someone she met some weeks ago, yet she just felt that she needed to see him.  It was nearly midnight as she walked on the rocks of the river, trying not to slip in the water. The clouds were threatening rain. As she took the last step, which lead to the main road, she could catch a glimpse of him, waiting for her. He started moving towards her, with a smile on his face. She could feel a curve on her lips too.


They moved slowly towards each other, saying nothing, just enjoying the silence with their eyes locked. His arms slowly went on her waist and teasingly playing up and down her spine. She put her arms around her neck. How much you can communicate to someone through a soft touch, she wondered. The clouds finally gave in and let the rain drops fall. They were like sparkles around them.

He pulled her close to him and she… surrendered. And his smile light up his face more than it had ever before. She felt his breath on her skin. Their lips met into the most perfect form and they kissed under the rain. It was the most exquisite kiss they had ever shared. It was their very first in the summer rain. It was like the softness of a whipped cream, had the most beautiful lingering taste and it just…took her breath away. For a while, the world was so peaceful. She pulled her lips away and kissed a soft trail down his jaw line and to his throat. He was ticklish and let out a soft giggle. Their lips meet again into a deep, long passionate kiss, she could hear soft purring sounds, almost meowing in pleasure. She looked his way as a soft smile took over his lips. They hugged. She could feel the warmth of his body pressing against his. She could not figure out if he also felt the magic of the kiss. She didn’t want to think. All she could ask to God was the moment to last forever…until they started to shiver. The cold summer breeze with the big rain drops made them shiver, he pulled her closer to him. She smiled to herself, a private smile.

…A deafening sound was heard. Her heart nearly missed a beat. She opened her eyes and the sun rays blinded her. It was her alarm clock, waking her up…for work! She could could feel the taste of his lips on hers, the warmth of his body, his breath on her skin, his hands in her hair, the rain drops on her skin…But she had to wake up from the dream. She still couldn’t know how he felt, nor will she ever…

“You know the kiss in the rain moment? Well it does exist…”


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