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#. 3 The PMS time of the month…

28 Jan

You know you are pms-ing when:


1. You are on the brinks of tears when you spill your coffee or you have flat lifeless hair, which even makes you consider hair transplant;

2. Much as we hate to admit this, the men in our lives tend to know when we are PMSing before we do. Yes, they tend to bring it up in the dumbest way imaginable, leading us to deny the facts as vehemently as possible, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. I mean, come on… you’re crying over chocolate and stomping your feet over spilled milk… even your cat can tell that you’re PMSing!;

3. You see two cars waiting on the side of the road and you can’t figure out why (or rather pretend not to) – you actually overtake them and park in the same parking space which they were waiting for. Sorry dude!;

4. Your skinny jeans can not be zipped without your being horizontal;

5. A pimple can ruin your love or whatever life you have for days;

6. You can’t even figure why in the first place you had a crush over a certain guy;

7. When you are driving and you want to run over almost everyone on your way;

8. You can detect the lame excuses/BS brought up by people;

9. Food makes you feel nauseous;

10. You actually take the phone and calls your significant other at 1AM to wake him up, and accuse him of not caring because he hadn’t called you in more than six hours;

11. You drag yourself to shower, work, supermarket…actually you drag yourself everywhere, because you simply don’t want to walk;

12. You feel so hot, you can actually transform into a volcano and spit out lava;

13. Out of nowhere, you mention that armed robbery could be justified if you’re out of cash and hungry for m&m’s or lindt;

14. You have cramps and when you lie in bed but can’t find sleep, you start wondering about each and every little detail of life and you start questioning your existence ;

15. Movies/serials are ten times more emotional, than when you watch them on normal days;

16. You look at people with a totally blank expression and they start wondering if there’s something wrong with them;

17. Chocolate makes you a happy bunny;

18. You are texting and auto-correct keeps on pestering you that you give up writing the text and set or rather throw your mobile away;

19. The 0ne million dollar question- Why me…???

All we want is to be…loved! When we pms…! 😉

#2. Beautiful Silence

26 Jan


Washing away the noise…

No kitchen clatters

No office hums

No sounds of cars

Out of emptiness, the rays of the sunset light on my world..

No wondering of the past and future, embracing the Now…

A time to practice letting go, letting go, letting go of everything that keeps busy and simply be here, Now

Emptying the mind, letting the heart speaks…

 A heart without boundaries, without limits as the silence itself…

The beautiful silence… The perfect healer!

– MB

#1. Make A Wish Under The Stars…!

25 Jan

The endless dark blue velvet sky filled with stars and the full moon is one of the most beautiful creations;

The stars and the sky stand as a testimony to my life on so much occasions, witnessing my thoughts and beautiful moments in life!

…For a brief moment, stand still in this spinning world, while staring at the starlit sky and let your thoughts wash right over you…

Wish for a kiss, wish for happiness, wish for a car or just wish for more!

– MB

Star Gazing

Star Gazing

Taking things for granted…

15 Jan

Too often, we take things and people we have been blessed with in our life for granted. It’s the default mode we all go into. But like all things in life, we run into a bit of a paradox here. We want to stop taking things for granted but it’s so hard to do that because we’re wired to take things for granted.

We fail to enjoy the successes that have become part of our lives. We simply don’t take the time to enjoy the little things.

The little things, however, aren’t so little after all.

Never take things for granted...

The little things are that extra time you can spend with your loved ones, or the great story that they are telling during dinner or outing. Or that great mini vacation you just took. Or the things you have been able to acquire because of your success. The cars, the house, the toys, the gifts, etc… So often, we tend to take for granted people who comes into our life. They are here for a reason, for a moment! Appreciate it…

Sometimes the things that we take for granted go away. And it’s really hard to always carry around that feeling we get when we lose something big in our lives, that feeling of “I shouldn’t have taken it for granted”.

Slow down a bit and smell the roses. Take the time to enjoy the little things. Observe the fine details. Take the time to journal the experience. Spend time with the people who you feel happy with.

Today, take the time to slow down. Even if it is for 5 minutes. Close your eyes. Take a deep breaths to clear your mind, and think about everything and people you have been blessed with in your life. Think about what makes you happy, think about what you have been blessed with… Be grateful for all those things!

I think that you will find a deeper appreciation for everything in your life.

Life… is fragile, it’s precious, it’s short …enjoy it!!

Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.

Little Pleasures Of My Life…

11 Jan

They say the best things in life are free.  I always believed that the pleasures of life lie in the small things that we do, not the big things. Just a little dose of inspiration which I had and I jotted down some of the little things which can sometimes make me really happy:


  • My parents’ smiles;
  • Cuddling with my cats;
  • Long drives to unknown destinations or night time drives;
  • Sitting down and watching the rain near a splendid mountain view;
  • Getting drenched in the rain;
  • The anticipation & hype just before boarding the plane for a long holiday;
  • Clocking your card out of work just before a weekend off/days off;
  • Finally laying in bed under the comfy, freshly washed bed sheet after a hard day at work;
  • The smell of gasoline;
  • Laying on the beach, watching the stars & listening to waves crashing on the shore;
  • Getting a message right away after thinking about someone;
  • Watching the sunset;
  • The other side of the pillow;
  • Driving over little hills and getting the mini roller in your stomach;
  • The joy of unpacking gifts;
  • Watching your payslip at the end of the month;
  • Smell of perfume/body lotion which reminds you of someone or your childhood;
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and realising you have long hours to sleep;
  • A compliment/reward/blessing;
  • Feeling the cold sand on your feet at night;
  • Spontaneous adventures: A phone call, jump in the car and just drive!
  • A nice swim;
  • A good conversation and a nice laugh;
  • Holding hands with someone you love;
  • Get a hug from someone by surprise, just when you need it most;
  • Bringing a smile on someone’s face;
  • Just sitting and observing people;
  • Succeed in doing something which people say you can’t do;
  • Enjoying a nice movie under the quilt on a rainy day;
  • Lighting scented candles and just relaxing with some soft music!

Sometimes, we have to just forget about the big things which we THINK will make us happy. Sometimes we have to be happy with what we have, with our surroundings, with people who cares to be in your life… rather than waste our time and effort with what we don’t have and over people who don’t care.

Smile that perfect smile 🙂 Life’s good!

Sweet taste of summer rain

6 Jan

…As she ran through the dark forest on that night to meet him, she could hear the sound of her own heart beats accompanied by the sound of her footsteps with crack and crumble of dried twigs and leaves underfoot. He was not the love of her life, he was just someone she met some weeks ago, yet she just felt that she needed to see him.  It was nearly midnight as she walked on the rocks of the river, trying not to slip in the water. The clouds were threatening rain. As she took the last step, which lead to the main road, she could catch a glimpse of him, waiting for her. He started moving towards her, with a smile on his face. She could feel a curve on her lips too.


They moved slowly towards each other, saying nothing, just enjoying the silence with their eyes locked. His arms slowly went on her waist and teasingly playing up and down her spine. She put her arms around her neck. How much you can communicate to someone through a soft touch, she wondered. The clouds finally gave in and let the rain drops fall. They were like sparkles around them.

He pulled her close to him and she… surrendered. And his smile light up his face more than it had ever before. She felt his breath on her skin. Their lips met into the most perfect form and they kissed under the rain. It was the most exquisite kiss they had ever shared. It was their very first in the summer rain. It was like the softness of a whipped cream, had the most beautiful lingering taste and it just…took her breath away. For a while, the world was so peaceful. She pulled her lips away and kissed a soft trail down his jaw line and to his throat. He was ticklish and let out a soft giggle. Their lips meet again into a deep, long passionate kiss, she could hear soft purring sounds, almost meowing in pleasure. She looked his way as a soft smile took over his lips. They hugged. She could feel the warmth of his body pressing against his. She could not figure out if he also felt the magic of the kiss. She didn’t want to think. All she could ask to God was the moment to last forever…until they started to shiver. The cold summer breeze with the big rain drops made them shiver, he pulled her closer to him. She smiled to herself, a private smile.

…A deafening sound was heard. Her heart nearly missed a beat. She opened her eyes and the sun rays blinded her. It was her alarm clock, waking her up…for work! She could could feel the taste of his lips on hers, the warmth of his body, his breath on her skin, his hands in her hair, the rain drops on her skin…But she had to wake up from the dream. She still couldn’t know how he felt, nor will she ever…

“You know the kiss in the rain moment? Well it does exist…”