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Airports make me happy!

28 Dec

Surprising! It may be to you… I just love going to the airport just to sit and watch people, see planes take off or land or just enjoy a nice coffee like I’m right now… It is a quiet morning, no rush, cool breeze and the atmosphere which I just love. Airports are great. They are places full of sleep deprived people  but I see them as an exciting hub of stories and multiculturalism. I’ve always loved to travel by taking transit planes, just to be at the different airports, to roam around and observe people. Till now, I’ve always travelled alone and it’s crazy how many people I’ve got to talk to, to meet on the way (strangers who sometimes teach you lessons of life) to my different destinations. I even enjoyed my  6 hours delayed flight from Madagascar with a serious case of gastro! Yes, this is how much I love airports… 😉

Airports to me represent the fullness of life…

There’s the joy of those heading off to adventures they have planned for years. Their bodies tingling with excitement.

There’s the sadness of those bidding goodbye, their happiness for them muted by the sorrow that comes with the void they have left behind.

There’s the love of partners that embrace, reunited once again by the miles that separated them.

There’s the desperation of the “I-don’t-want-to-day-goodbye and for you to leave.. forever.”

There’ the anxiousness, the fear that sits in the bellies of those who hate flying or are starting new adventures, or those having to go where they don’t want to.

The tragedy and heartache that comes with flying because of loss.

The busy-ness as fingers fly across keyboards of last minute unfinished business, of hurried feet running to final boarding call, and frantic shoppers getting that last minute present in.

Empty bellies from an early morning start satisfying themselves with bagels and waking up to roasted coffee beans.

The laughter of those sharing anecdotes of days gone by as they look forward to sharing new memories on new adventures.

There’s the peace of those sleeping in corners, meditating away their worries and from those who silently watch life in all its glory go meandering or scuttling by….

Airport is just a world in itself…and it’s a world I Love to be in!