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Living life beyond your comfort zone

9 Aug

The notion of the comfort zone is that by not changing things and by keeping the ‘status quo’ then it is a comfortable place to be.

Some years back, I was very good at sitting around moaning about everything in my life and doing things routinely, without any specific aim or change. It is true that treading water in life isn’t an option, trying to play safe and do nothing and just hope everything gets better doesn’t work. That leap of faith into the unknown. It terrified me!

Now, I truly believe that if you want to really live the life you desire, then you have to get up and get out there and just make it happen. You are entitled to every achievement that God has for you. Take the risk, learn, grow and stand out! 

Every day, every week, every year I push myself into new things so that I am growing, learning and developing as an individual. I feel the constant need for change, knowledge, discovery and just going beyond everything which people would normally do in life. I have studied science at school; IT at University; learnt graphics design; did forensics investigation; currently studying accounting and finance; working in an offshore company; travelled alone; risk it all by quitting my job; learnt to drive for only two weeks and went on my driving test and got my driving licence; been with the wrong person; slept for two whole days; went on a road trip just to visit farms and villages; missed the last train on purpose and having to walk back to my brother’s place at midnight. There is one sentence which I would not want to live my life with: the ”What if?”

Work, go home, eat, sleep, work, repeat. And eventually, we get all comfortable. I feel the need to break free, to have some excitement and fear in my life so that then I am happy to go to work and be ‘normal’ knowing that occasionally I will climb a mountain, go on a holiday alone, discover new places, people, culture and just do things I know maybe I’d never do if I were to be normal. Trust me (euh, you are not forced to), it’s a great feeling when you realize what you thought was scary, is actually a lot of fun.

Life is very much for living but unless you decide to get up there and change what you need to change to live it then life will pass without you, and everyone deserves to live the life they desire. You can’t really force someone to get out of their comfort zone, ultimately the decision for change, to step up in life and do things differently rely solely on the individual.

“The Person Who Gets The Farthest Is Generally The One Who Is Willing To Do And Dare, The Comfort Zone Boat Never Gets Far From The Shore” – Dale Carnegie