Dear Maniac Woman

30 Jun

I just want to say that the world does not revolve around you. I feel sorry for you for being such a maniac, depressive, suicidal and insecure woman, who unfortunately got nothing else to do than sit down and read my blog. I don’t feel flattered nor moved in any way by this action of yours but I’d suggest you GET SOME THERAPY!

I don’t want any drama in my life; I know that ultimately you will end up reading this, which is why I spared some minutes to post this, instead of having a normal conversation with you, which is practically impossible given the high level of sanity you have lost. The very sound of your voice shouts DESPERATION.

Getting people to stalk me, impersonate me, hack my emails or report me on different social networks will NEVER change the person I’m, nor will I freak out or live my life in depression as you thought I would be. You are such a sad case for humanity.

Eventually, I’d like to state some facts – Your infinite attempts to remove/erase feelings from someone’s heart are vain and futile because ‘Feelings’ is the only thing which you don’t have control over. Maybe you should get a life instead. Some sessions at the hairdresser or another liposuction might do you some good to help boost your self-esteem.

À bon entendeur, salut !


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