Why Cloud Computing?

25 May

Three years ago, members of the ICAEW took part in a survey, which revealed that 82% are already using web-based software for their business. Only 30% of finance directors and accountants see value for money as the main reason for adopting cloud. This figure increased over the years.

Organisations are now flying to the cloud. More than storage space, the hosted solutions now offer Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and even Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) functionality for business.

(SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. (PaaS) is a paradigm for delivering operating systems and associated services over the Internet without downloads or installation.


Below are the main reasons which I’ve identified for why an organisation should go for a cloud environment!

  • Organisations now pay a monthly payment options/subscription costs (depending on cloud provider) rather than an up front capital costs of on-premise
  • Employers can work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection
  • No softwares or platforms compatibility issues, for example in the same organisation someone may be using different versions of word or some people may be using MAC and others laptops
  • You won’t have any additional hardware costs, no specialist internal IT resource is required
  • You can increase and decrease the user numbers as required everyday, i.e. you pay for what you use – you won’t need to purchase licenses for each user and then later when the number of users decrease, that will be a waste of money
  • Everything technical is looked after for you.
  • Cloud based environment saves you the hassle of the end life and replacement of servers and high-specifications PCS because all systems and files access are handled via the net, with all the softwares available on a hosted remote desktop as opposed to individual employees desktop PCs in office
  • The SMEs are able to put the infrastructure normally available to larger organisation & start ups can get their applications up and running much quicker
  • Cloud hosting providers offer ‘a la carte’ pricing to allow organisations to purchase only the level of service they need, but most web hosting providers offer packages incorporating the most popular cloud computing services
  • The cloud hosting providers now also offers disaster recovery services in the cloud environment which enables faster recovery and reduced disruptions to ongoing operations for companies affected by major environmental events
  • Insurance offer against prolonged service interruptions caused by tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes.
  • Configuring and installing software when a new staff arrives or when a PC is replaced will no longer be an issue.

The main concern about cloud remains SECURITY – this is dealt with in the next post!


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