Types of Cloud

25 May

For those who will see value in adoption the Cloud environment, the next question will be – what type of cloud to adopt?

Cloud Computing happens on a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud. Governance and security are crucial to computing on the cloud, whether the cloud is in your company’s firewall or not.

  • Public clouds are virtualised data centers outside of your company’s firewall. Generally, a service provider makes resources available to companies, on demand, over the public Internet.
  • Private clouds are virtualised cloud data centers inside your company’s firewall. It may also be a private space dedicated to your company within a cloud provider’s data center.

Hybrid clouds combine aspects of both public and private clouds.

Source: Deploying Public, Private or Hybrid Clouds – For Dummies

So, now the key is to decide on the types of cloud.  A private cloud, built using your resources in your data center, leaves you in control but also means you shoulder the management overhead. Public cloud services relieve you of that management burden but at the expense of some control. A hybrid approach might make it possible to realize the best of both worlds, but you’ll still have to pick private or public as the base for operations. The best approach eventually depends on the organisation.

– Maliha Bhugalee


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