The Apprehension Behind ‘Cloud-ing’

25 May

The overriding concern about cloud seems to surround data, personal data and the security of data. Users worry where their data will be located, whether it is split, who else’s data is held in the same place & whether there is a danger of cross-contamination.

According to David Turner, Marketing Director of Coda, which provides access for clients to Salesforce data centres, says they are protected like military bases with many retina & fingerprint scans just to enter. Security is at the core of Salesforce. Their reputation depends on it & it would kill them overnight if there was any data loss, so their security is world class.

The Health of the cloud Provider

So it is essential for any organisations to ensure the health of the cloud provider. This includes gaining complete confidence that the cloud provider is a viable, stable business with assurances and protections, such as comprehensive risk & security defences in place, to safeguard business date. Using these trusted vendor based on the precautions they take and track record seems to be a viable way for organisations to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Negotiate suitable contracts

As with all commercial relationships, the underlying contract needs to drafted to meet the needs of both parties. Organisations willing to fly into the cloud should negotiate suitable contract which clearly sets out your concerns and what happens if an issue arise.

In short, there are issues with any technology & no ones has any desire to finding oneself at the bleeding edge of technology advancement. Cloud computing is here, will be developed further and will become increasingly ubiquitous! How about seeing the massive opportunities instead of the issues? 

– Maliha Bhugalee


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