Trying to figure out the options between the rules!

17 May

Most of the time our professional life is like a hamster wheel of resume or C.V. padding: We avoid all possibility of failure while maximizing the odds of success in order to ensure our achievement graph climbs up and up and up.

Inevitably, that approach starts to extend to our personal life too.

So we run… but we won’t enter a race because we don’t want to finish at the back of the pack. We sing… but we won’t share a mic in a friend’s band because we’re no Adele.

Personally and professionally, we feel compelled to maintain our all-knowing, all-achieving, all conquering image.

The chase will stop only if we are willing to. Stand Out. Command Respect. And do whatever you want! And yeah…Minimise the Swagger!¬†If your arrogance is more obvious than your expertise, you are someone to be avoided!


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