Sweet taste of life…

12 May

I am the rain on your window pane

I am the butterfly on the flower

I am the amazing sunset on the beach

I am the beautiful waves near the shore

I am the chirping of birds early in the morning

I am the smell of grass freshly cut

I am the dreams you have deep in your heart

I am a long walk or a long drive along the coast

I am the smile on your lips and the happiness in your heart

I am the good health you are enjoying

I am the sound of your laughter

I am a flirtatious stare or a big strong hug

I am the cool breeze in your hair

I am the stars you watch at night laying on the grass

I am the breathtaking sunrise on a snowy day

I’m a pillow fight

I am the lost lover who calls you back or the teenage crush

I am your faith, hope and belief

I am a warm shower on a cold day

I am a hot coffee on the balcony on a rainy day

I’m a swinging swing

I am a new car or a new house

I am a great kiss

I am a good dream

I am a month’s salary or a year’s bonus

I am the sight after a long flight

I am the butterfly feeling in your tummy

I am the smell of shampoo

I am the Friday night chats with friends

I am love

How can life be sad? Amidst all of this bliss…

I am the little pleasures of life which makes life tastes differently!

– Maliha Bhugalee


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