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The Impact People Have In Your Life

21 Mar

Don’t ever run after money Maliha – Money will run after you!!

This is by far the best thing someone once told me. And it is also something which I’ve always applied in all areas of my life. It is difficult to gauge the impact that all the people in my life have had on me, but that one person has had a profound one.

I was once at an interview (I don’t remember for which post though) and there was a number of interviewers in the room. And everything went on smoothly, with each one of them asking me questions in different languages – english, french and creole. But there was this one man, who kept on observing and he did not even bother to ask me any questions. At the end of the interview, that weird man just came up to me and told me those words and pat me on my back and went away.

People you meet everyday can have impacts on your life, even if it is for just some minutes. You connect with different people differently and sometimes it is surprising how things can just click with some people and it feels like you know that person for years.

I remember this chinese woman I met on the plane at Dubai to London. She’s a lawyer. We shared so many things and it felt like I knew that person since long.

There are very few people who you can really create a bond with, and with whom it feels like, there’s absolutely nothing which can go wrong and you can even conquer the world. Trust me, it is definitely not something you get to experience often. My advice to you is that when you do connect to that particular person, don’t let go of him/her. Life is too precious to be surrounded by people who just don’t do nothing with their life. They don’t appreciate this absolutely amazing gift they were given. They don’t make the most of it. They don’t risk – they stay safe – talking about safe topics and being with safe people, and die without many achievements.

I love the saying – pigeons flock and eagles fly alone. The meaning behind is clear!


Driving in… Paradise Island!

16 Mar

Driving – something which I was always craving for. I got so disillusioned about driving that I even contemplated to getting back into travelling by bus.

Driving in… Paradise Island can be HELL, frustrating and so crazy!

But one thing for sure, which is quite reassuring is that it’s not worse than driving on the roads of Paris! No offence to French people, but seriously… !

I really work hard to keep a healthy level of sanity driving on the streets with all those crazy people and really try my level best not to get out of the car and just slap these people. As if making me slam on my brakes was just what need to be done so these people could dart around like we’re playing bumper cars.

I guess these events are also good reminders to pray.

And what’s more frustrating is that Mauritian people get more excited (and out of control sometimes) when they see a woman driving.

I strongly recommend penalty points for ALL drivers in Mauritius, not just young drivers. Studies have shown that the majority of accidents are caused by people who hold a driving license for more than 10 years. But we can’t deny the fact that the most deadly ones are caused by the reckless driving of young people. With the introduction of penalty points to all drivers, more and more people will definitely become weighed down with penalty points on their licence. The fact of the matter is that losing your driving licence as a result, could have a serious impact on everyone’s everyday life from hindering one’s journey to work to even losing one’s job – This will MAYBE  give room to some thinking time to all those crazy people on the road.

If you are driving just for the sake of pleasure of thrill-seeking, and feelings of pride and power  you might as well just shoot yourself!!