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Beware: Addiction!

2 Feb

Lately, I have been playing a game online for like hours straight on Miniclip. So, I’m officially a big addict of Mini Pool 8. Nowadays, it’s turning into a 5 mins revision and 3 hours gaming. You just have to subscribe to the game via facebook or directly and well, just start to play. And the fun part is that you can play with anyone on your friend list on facebook.  You can also play with any other player or you can participate in a tournament of 8, 16 or 32 players and win credits, which are used to buy new cues.

Why it’s so addictive is simply because you always want to win games to upgrade your status from rookie to Amateur up to Expert. 432 games played, and I’m now an Amateur and I’ve won quite a number of awards. I’m not that good, but can manage. Hehe

Am also addicted to TEA, even in this hot weather 😀 Don’t blame me for that, when I wake up in the morning all I can see is a vast area of tea plantation.

This is all what I’m addicted to…for the time being!