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Up, Up and Away!

30 Jan

Tremendous experience which I have been craving for since long time back. My first parasail ride all the way to Ile Aux Cerfs! Some experience just need to be shared!

Before the parasailing, we had awesome trio tube riding and had so much fun ‘shouting’. I got to wear the kids life jacket, because maybe I was mistaken for one.

Next, we had to wait for more than one hour under the scorching sun sitting on the beach for our next activity – Undersea walking. I was really looking forward for this one, especially after watching the indian movie, zindagi na milega dobara, where there is a nice part on undersea walking. But trust me, you would not want to be in my place. It was a terrible experience. Firstly because the people getting you down under the sea were perverts; secondly you had to wear a heavy round-shaped thing on your head, which makes you feel like you are carrying all the burden of the whole universe on your shoulder; and lastly the guys were also supposed to take our photos with a camera and give us a CD. Minor problem: the CD never opened, so we got no photos under the sea.

Before getting down, the guys taught us signs to be able to communicate under water. For example, OK, not OK, etc. But the fun part of it was when we got to hold a piece of bread to get the fish to eat in your hands. It was cute! Really!

And finally, my cousins and I were ready for the first parasailing adventure of our lifetime. We set off on a boat to a small platform in the middle of the sea and waited for our turns to go high up. IT WAS IMPRESSIVE. I could feel the tingle in my stomach and the adrenaline rushing through my body as we were being pulled high into the sky.

We went up for a total of around 6 minutes and it was soooo peaceful and quiet up there.

It was really a lovely experience 🙂
And finally before landing us on the platform, our feet had a dip in the warm blue sea.  The ‘floating in the wind’ feeling and admiring the gorgeous view is amazing and a must to-do activity, atleast before you die 😉

Back to blogging

30 Jan

It has been such a long time since I last sat in front of my laptop, jotting down my thoughts. Oddly enough, I guess my last post was about writing a lesson learnt on each day of my life. Guess I got lost in this learning process. It had been so easy for me to go on automatic pilot and do those things that further my dissociation with blogging like watching TV, going to sleep and mindless activity.

Today, however, I made up my mind to get back to writing, like I have always been doing, writing whatever crops my mind. It is another year, full of hopes, dreams, new accomplishments, new acquaintances and more. The last two years and more have been spent in working hard to build a career in another field. And today, I am taking whatever I’ve learnt and moving forward, up the ladder.  But I should admit, while trying to build something, I have missed out on many other beautiful things in life… but as they say this IS THE LIFE!

I have been globe-trotting as well. New discoveries, new places, new people – it all makes you feel good. Guess I’m born to travel, and sometimes I do wish I was an air hostess, just for the sake of travelling though.

And finally, the lesson of the day is:

The hardest struggle of all is to be something different from what the average man is. – Charles M Schwab