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Day #3 – Moving On

24 Oct

Today I’ve  learnt that:

Difficult life events can evoke inner strength and teach us the hidden lessons on how to continue living and growing stronger.  Sometimes life makes us to go through the darkness of our emotions and how to use both our strength in God and ourselves to understand the greater meaning of the events that brought us here.

All we have to do is believe in our dreams, take strength in our hardships, and just move on! Remember that forgiveness and letting go are steps on our road back to happiness.

Day #2 – Decisions in Life

23 Oct

Today I’ve learnt that:

One of the major activities in life is the fact that we are constantly taking decisions. Some decisions we make are of our own choosing, but many others are forced upon us. The most important aspect of decision making is that as often as possible, they should be right decisions. Right decisions usually conclude an issue but wrong decisions call for more and more decisions in order to rectify the mistake of an initial decision.


In the decisions made in life one might wonder how much is based on karma, how much on destiny and circumstances, how much on attitude and free will, how much is on the spree of the moment, how much is well thought out and how much is off the top of the head and how much of our emotions cloud our reason.

Eventually today I’ve learnt that it takes enormous courage to make life changing decisions…

Day #1 – Live the ‘NOW’

22 Oct

Today I’ve learnt that:

When you put a ceiling on your desires, what you are doing is reminding yourself that you can be happy — NOW — before you get everything you think you want and need. It also reminds you of the trap of never-ending desires, which encourages you to focus more on what you have and less on what you want, which is the basis of gratitude. And gratitude leads to happiness and contentment. A ceiling is a self-imposed, casual, flexible, nonlegal binding agreement you have with yourself that you won’t spend your life always wanting life to be better!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with improving your standard of living, buying a new outfit, or moving to a larger apartment, or whatever. It’s desirable to always do your best and to always be attempting to do even better. Again, however, there’s an enormous distinction between doing your best and always demanding that life be better than it already is, or having a prerequisite that things be different or better before you allow yourself to feel satisfied — with your life or with other people.

[Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff — with your family]

I have decided to post a Lesson of the day everyday on my blog 🙂 Each day of my life should be a Lesson.


9 Oct

Bonding to a cat is absolutely great. It’s like playing with a cheerful kid; you get down to her level by acting childish and funny. When getting a cat, you must find a name, a name thats particular, peculiar and more dignified as Eliot said. My cat is named Pichounette – The air of mystery he carries is one of the reasons I love him so much, apart from the fact that he is so huggable. Pichounette has never changed to suit anyone’s desires. He plays by his own rules, and I love and admire him for his independence of spirit.

This post is for Pichounette. It’s been four weeks since he hasn’t returned home – maybe he is now gone for good; but I so wish he would return home and I will get to hug him. He has been part of my everyday life, and its difficult to do without him now.

I miss Pichounette; I miss the snuggles on the couch while watching TV, the silly games with a string toy or laser pointer, the sharing of a joke or a secret or even a little bit of my dinner, the purr-ing sound when I caressed him, I miss his meows, I miss his innocent looks, I miss the walks around the house with you, I miss calling ‘Pichounette’. Now you’ll come no longer to my call. Cats teach us, heal us, make us laugh, and break our hearts with their passing… 😦

Oh little one, I miss you so,
… Much more than words can say.

Ups and … Downs

3 Oct

Some days, you get such a sick feeling. Everything about you life seems so empty, so meaningless and you feel so lost; like you are wandering around with no clear destinations. Each minute sometimes hold something familiar, something you saw yesterday and the days before. Every second seems to drag on and your heart feels so lonely. You feel so bored with your life, the routine and everything in it. Sometimes, you just want to take the next plane and go somewhere far…Yes sometimes, you really do! And sometimes you just sit and wonder… where did life go? … and why did it run away? … and how come everything has to change? You go back to the past and some memories bring back pain and you wish you could turn back time…

And then other days, everything feels so great. The sky sings pretty songs and you can’t stop smiling. Everything you encounter gives you that same feeling of the warm sun on your skin after you have been cold. You have hope and everything is bright and so, so lovely. You find yourself smiling at everyone. You feel grateful for everything you have in life. You forgive people and life seems better. Even the most challenging experience seems easy to overcome, because you made a choice, that of being happy.

And…Finally you realise, that This Is The Life!