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My World- The Forensic World

21 Aug

HelloooBlogWorld! I’m currently having post holiday blues – such a terrible feeling, but trying to deal with it. I resumed work yesterday and there it goes again. Three weeks of magic holidays out of the island have done me good, I’d even say – really good.

Most of the time, when I talk about my job, many people would just say – “ah you deal with dead people?” Well, NO! My job deals with preventing, detecting and responding to fraud, misconduct and non-compliance with expectations, or advising in the resolution of a legal dispute. The huge variety of work that Forensic undertakes can incorporate the skills of an investigator, accountant, lawyer, journalist, technology specialist and many others, often on the same assignment, and this is what makes it so wonderful. It also demands lots of thinking, analysis and reasoning.

All assignments are different, and the exposure is huge. There’s no such thing as a typical day when you are working on assignments;  you always find yourselves in amazingly bizarre situations. You might have to interview suspects, search head offices, subsidiaries or archives, look through people’s desks, capture and analyze emails and other information held on computers, all with the goal of bringing together the evidence for the reporting stage.

… It’s like putting together a complex jigsaw puzzle!

Why I like this job? It’s about knowing where the puzzle lies, finding the pieces, and putting them together. The real reward is seeing what’s going on when no one else has been able to do that. Explaining to the client what’s happened, and what they should do about it, often means finding the “bad guys” and taking effective action against them. Real fist in the air stuff. It’s about making a difference in the end. That’s what I really like…

And this is my world! 😉