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10 Things NOT to do at work

2 Apr

1. Go on facebook on work computers. Use your phone’s wireless capabilities.

2. Compare ages with your colleagues. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re younger than them.

3. Talk about how the bus was late when having a hickey on your neck. It’s not believable.

4. Tell your manager how many aunts and uncles you have, because when you start to kill them off to get compassionate leave, things may go array.

5. Don’t talk about sex. Period! No you can’t talk about your period either.

6. Don’t date your work colleagues. And No, you can’t fall for them either.

7. Make jokes that begin with ‘ok i’m not a racist, but have you heard about the one with…’

8. Tell anyone you’re bored. Work will be given to you. Usually admin stuff.

9. Piss your manager off by making fun of their dress sense. It’s gonna back fire.

10. Come to work hung over.