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My Name is Khan…

13 Feb

Heyloo blog, howdy? 🙂

I have been to the cine today to watch an indian film – My Name Is Khan. And I have only one word for this film: Fantastic. It has been so long since I last appreciated a movie. A perfectly crafted movie by Karan Johar, starring Shah Rukh and Kajol.

The movie also delivers a beautiful message which everyone should really think upon. It is based on the event of 9/11 which radically changes the way the world sees Muslims, especially Americans. Islam is definitely not about jihaad. It is a religion of Love. It teaches the perfect way of living for every individual.  ‘My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist’ –  this film accentuates on this phrase. The film also teaches some of life’s basic values which have been lost in recent times. Not to forget powerful performances from the jodi that stormed the screens 13 years ago with DDLJ. Karan and Shah Rukh have done what they had to for the viewers and peace at large. Shah Rukh Khan has delivered a terrific performance from frame one. Kajol, I dare say, is the Queen of Bollywood.  Just natural. Pure bliss.

Watching it is a MUST 🙂 I Totally Love It!!

Oh, tomorrow is Valentine’s day 🙂 So Happy Valentine to Everyone 🙂 fiuuu took much for me to be this kind 😉 hehe!

Have a great week aliens 🙂 Am off to my dreamland…