Facebook World

24 Jan

Facebook – for some of you people who will be reading this, probably 75% of your interaction happens via Facebook. From intrusive “pokes” to Farmville, [Yoville (or whatever Ville), Mafia Wars],  invites to photos that should have been destroyed the moment they were taken [the drunk you, who don’t have a single souvenir of when the pic was taken, the ‘good’ companies which will send you off sleepin on the couch], Facebook is full of behavior that would get you punched in the real world.

Recently, there has been a case of what  is considered as Facebook’s first Divorce – whereby a woman had learnt through his husband’s facebook status which read: “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady.”  Now imagine, if you as a couple, be it married, engaged or simply in a relationship, you just logon to facebook and finds that your other half has just ended your relationship…Hmmm! 😉

If Facebook was a country, it would have a population roughly approximating that of Brazil. And it’s growing like some of those microorganisms I learned about in biology that split every few seconds–signing up new users, sometimes as many as five million per week.

Atleast this doesn’t surprise me, since I’m myself a fan of Facebook since some years. I have created my account on the request of some university friends. Facebook overtook the traffic of other networking sites such as MySpace, hi5 and others in a short lapse of time.

I can even say, i failed some of my papers because of facebook :(. I found myself playin brain buddies instead of working my brain out for the exams… Now isnt that pathetic? snif…Dear Mom and Dad, now you know whose fault it is! Am Innocent, Really :/

Concerning privacy issues, im quite happy with the privacy settings on facebook. For me, its a closed network of friends, where ive added those people I want to be on my list, and restricting access to certain people on certain things. And recently Im becoming a fan of ‘EVERYTHIN’. 😉 I find it pretty amusing to become fans of things which I can situate myself, words I say, or some incidents which happened… 😉

Facebook is the cause of many disputes in couples as well…Unfortunately. Exes, admirers, or just stupid people landing outa nowhere and just dropping by even a two-words comment, photos of exes or with some ‘friend’, can really be a pain in the…a$$! Updating relationship status from single to in a relationship/married/engaged and changing back to single in some hours is quite common. 😉

…Its Sunday Night; I have had an amazing weekend – I met a friend after 6 years, and got in touch with my first crush(through Facebook) HA;  Tomorrow is Monday; Work 😦 and I need to sleep!

On this people, Have a great week… ViVa Facebook! Mdrrrr…


3 Responses to “Facebook World”

  1. nAvz January 24, 2010 at 9:40 pm #

    Maliha became a fan of I Will Look For You, I Will Find You…..And I Will Kill You. · Comment · Like · Become a Fan

    Mali.. do u really situate urself in this group ? ;p P commence gagn per ou moi ein.. Lol

  2. yashvin January 25, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    As long as you know what you are doing on facebook, I think that no one can actually touch you. Most of us are worried about jobs etc, you only need to take care not to publish your outing pics on a day which you called in sick 😛

  3. Maliha January 28, 2010 at 12:47 pm #

    @Navz: lol…oh i changed dis afterwards to ‘I will kill you…softly’ hehe! 😉

    @Yashvin: Lol..yeah i wont add my colleagues or director on fb… I think ive got enough friends! Hehe

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