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“If I could turn back time”

22 Oct

If  I could turn back time, the first question that I would have most probably be asking is “Why the heck did i do computer science?”. Seriously I could have been better off doing something cooler, like euh…well I got no idea!! I was just listening to Cher song “If I could turn back time”, and i find myself wondering what it would really feel like to turn back time………..

I always told myself, that whatever happens happens for the best, that we should never live regrets… Have I really convinced myself about this? As I think about all what happened, my heart cries. When once I lost one, it has become like a chain reaction, and now I have lost another one.

But you cant fix something which is already broken…broken by words which felt like a stab in the heart. Everything is now gone, with the wind!

They say that I should sit and think; but thinking would bring much more pain. The light shines upon his face a different way now, and as I try to shield my eyes from it’s rays, tears weld in my eyes. So today I’m letting go…of all those broken dreams, hoping that somehow, someday, somewhere…