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There comes a point in life…

7 Jun

Today is one of the day when you just want to stay in bed all day dreaming or just sit by the window with a cup  of coffee and watch the raindrops hitting the window pane. It also reminds me of the long drives, soft music, the great moments in the rain, the tiny droplets falling on our faces, wet hair…  Ahhh…We all have some memory associated with the rain. I remember when I was a kid, myself and my brothers used to make paper boats and planes and play in the rain and get a good scolding with my mom 😦  


On the streets you get to see the most bizarre lovers under their colourful umbrellas,look into each other’s eyes or melt in each other’s arms… I dont blame them, the weather is such that it can turn the most boring man ever, into a romantic 😉 

Today has also been one of the days when my mind has ceased to work and confusion is reigning… There comes a point in life when you really feel that things are not going right. Things dont go the way you want to and all seems lost, where one has so many unanswered questions, a point where one person matters so much that one really doesnt bother about anyone else, a point where success means everything…

When I come crashing down, When I take a look around… You are all I see, You are all I need Baby!!

I wish he could understand me…and be with me. Alas! as they say if wishes would be horses, beggars would be riders. arghhhhhhhh!! Sunday blues!! 

Enough of blues today… 🙂 Tomorrow Im going to have a hectic day! Have a great week Blog & Bloggers!!