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Whatever happens happens for the best…

24 Mar

Atleast thats what i believe. Recently, there has been lots of downs in my life, concerning my job, love life and even family life. But after some days thinking about it all, i believe fully that whatever has happened, happened for the best… I have now new and better opportunities in my life. I have been offered a nice job in a prestigious company and i’m joining soon.

Someone told me that i got too many things i want to do. I agree, I’m following a beauty therapy course, I’m thinking of doing a ‘Salsa course’, I want to follow a course for teaching at the mie to become…a teacher, i want to join emirates cabin crew, i want to drive, buy myself a car, go on holidays to Malaysia/Singapore in december, I want to do my msc next year in UK…so many things, and such a short life! i  got lots of dreams, lots of aspirations…and maybe I haven’t yet found what I’m really looking for…

I’m a girl who dreams…lots, but im at the same time realistic. I know deep inside me that I can really fulfill all my dreams, and I will…It is just a matter of time and hard  work. 

Right now  some of the dreams which i want to realise are:

1. Join the new job, learn and acquire much experience.

2. I want questions cleared concerning my love life… and I’m giving myself till September to really clear things up and either hold on stronger or move on. I believe that he is the one…But yesterday some things were clear in my mind. So the three main issue to handle is (age…we are of the same age, lots of insecurities and other things, his parents) Hard, init? 

3. I wanted a laptop (and I GOT it)

– HP Pavilion – Intel Core 2 Duo – 2 GHz processor – 250 GB HDD – DVD writer double Layer support Lighstcribe – 3D sound blaster Pro – NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT gfx 

I also took a 19″ LCD monitor for my pc 🙂 

My pc and laptops are the love of my life…i love them to piecess *hihi*

4. I should start my driving lessons and get my driving license soon.

5. Get myself a superb camera (which i DID)  – Its not a pro one but still superb and perfect for me : A Nikon 7.2 mp, My love for photography has urged me to take it. 

6. Start changing my wardrobe and get myself new shoes new handbags – I always had this craze about handbags; i got a collection of about 50 handbags – different colours different types! Some are Shoes-Crazy, I’m “Handbag-Crazy” 😉

7. I should start some gym – its not that I should lose weight or whatever: just want to be re-activate my muscles 😉 They all sleep full time these days… 

8. My passion for gardening has… disappeared! 😦 Maybe its because, I don’t watch ‘home deco’ often now..should get back to it.. (Oh yeah i Want to learn interior design as well… )

9. Keep away from marriage and proposals stuffs as far as possible… My mom always on my back to go see some potential “future husbands”.  Everyday its the same song being played at home “Maliha’s wedding”. Arghhh

I should think about writing a post about this. 🙂 Maliha’s Wedding- Mystery of all times 😉

10. …Finally finally yeah, i should get myself a cool haircut while keeping my long hair length intact. I also need a facial and a good massage! Aww… All this to be done before I join my new job..

I feel better now after having written all what was on my mind. Imagine, how many things u have on your mind everyday…Poor mind 😦 It will crash soon! 

yourmsn_5802On this, Have a great week blog…I love You xxx