20 Sep

Helooo… Hw r yall? I’ve finally come back to my senses 🙂 and I’m perfectly alright, thank you!

Ok here I’m with yet another post…And as usual a weird 1, think am gettin used to posting weird posts.

I’m gonna narrate you my story with cats, or my “intimate” relationship with those wonderful Since I was this lil (hope you can imagine how lil I was ;-)) I had some kinda special connections with cats.


How can you not fall in love with this beautiful creature???

Those suffering from heart problems..please don’t read any further.

This happened after my 2nd birthday party. Well after every birthdays, normally ppl wash all what are used, ustensils, etc -if thats not the case at yr place, plz kindly let me know-, however on that day, mom left a knife around…Hmmm, lil me took the knife and the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!! N i just kinda scratched his head 😦 Not too much violence finally…pfff its awfulllll. I sincerely regret that act, though I didnt do it consciously. Luckily, my mom saw the lil cat..but he wasn’t bleedin fortunately.

I dunno if that’s the reason I love cats so much! lol..ok u must be sayin…”gosh such a criminal act” com’on i was only 2. 😦 but i sincerely lovee catss…Infact I can’t imagine life without cats. They are the most nicey creatures i came across. N i love tigers, lions, kangaroo…Ofait I just love “animals”!

I have spent 21 years with cats. I’ve had over 25cats, and their names were always kinda weird or funny(for those who hav some kinda humour left)-manou, sinois, tipice, gris, garfield, ti tom…But none of them stayed more than 3years..except for ‘manou’, who also recently disappeared. Infact all of them mysteriously disappear or just get accidentally killed on the road. They say that when cats mysteriously disappear, we should assume that they went off to die somewhere like some animals do. N thats real sad!!

I love cats..and i got few friends who love cats as I do. N its said that “Anybody who hates cats can’t have much in common with a cat lover” …N its sooo true!

Long Live CATS!! N me 🙂


Now playing: 2 – David Guetta vs The Egg, Joachim Garraud, Chris Willis – Love don’t let me go Walking away

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4 Responses to “Cats…Chats…kitties”

  1. vishal September 20, 2007 at 9:45 am #


  2. xxmalihaxx September 23, 2007 at 4:53 pm #

    OKIZ another name 4cats is “pussy” fanx i missed zis one visaalll!! merci tone rappelle moi 🙂

  3. Swift October 16, 2007 at 11:31 am #

    Cats are really cute

  4. ahadoo August 21, 2008 at 1:12 pm #

    miao miao,
    hey, sa chaton dan foto la pou toi sa?
    dan moris ena plu bku stabby,
    ban lezot kaliter mo pa tro trouver,
    to pa coner kot kpav gagn ban chat d rass,

    c vré, m ena bku chat,
    bien rare ki n chat in mor kot moi,
    la plupar disparait…

    m penC, bzin fr n “avi d recherch” pou chat…

    garfield, miaw,

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