12 Sep

My birfday cake..

My Birfday Cake..doznt it look yummy? leme tell u zat it even tastes yummyyy :p

Already 21 😦 time really flies! Becomin’ Old maybe..but more mature of course! 🙂 I had a fantastic week,maybe the best birthday of all my life, which I’ll always cherish! Special Thanks to my parents, my chou, my cousins and my lovely friends!! Love u all to bits.. Spendin 24hrs with so many ppl is quite impossible..So i took a whole week to celebrate it with all those I love!

Enjoyed lotssss till yesterdayy!! … 🙂 🙂 lol..closin’ ceremony was yesterday 🙂

Now one blessed month of ramadaan lies ahead..wish you all Ramadaan Mubarak 🙂 God bless ya all! Surtout contr le tsunami :p

p.s: piX of my bday have been uploaded on my hi5 profile…


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