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After 2weeks @Uni…

30 Aug

Hey ma dear blog readers, am backk! lol! can’t quite xplain my good mood 2d..but I’m happy 😀 Maybe that’s why I’m bloggin’ after soooooo long. Actually I didnt have time to think of something to write. Was tooooo busy!

Already two weeks since uni resumed. Trying to fit in this hectic life. But still, there’s something which needs to be done about the hardest part, that is waking up early in the mornin’. Pfff…! I brought about some changes or can say took some resolutions :p. Here’s a lil bit about my 1st 2weeks @UoM.

1. Attending all classes: which I did! ok except 1 :p its cause of my not bein able to wake up early!! its understandable 🙂

Yeah, I’d like to mention that I went to a class where all faces are complete strangers, only 3 students in my class are doing that module, but most of the time zotte introuvable! 😦 The famous VR class! I went to the lab all alone comme une grande.

2. I’ve tried not to get squeezed among all those “big” ppl on the campus. Hehe, been wearing high heels just to avoid that! lol

3. Enjoyed the sunny weather…or rather forcefully “enjoy” the sun! 😦

4. Gato sale dan la cantine rempli r de lhuile..Dun bother buyin’ them, waste of money and waste of time (waitin’ to be served)

5. Neww faces- SO many new facesssss!! n all of them ressembler zot camarade..its confusing finally :p lol

6. Till now, all my lectures are so damn interesting. And I mean it. Except one, where I nearly slept. I won’t mention the lecturer’s name..but geez, its totally impossible not to sleep or dream in that class! So finally, I made up my mind: I’ll keep my dreaming sessions for this class 🙂 got to make good use of my time!

7. About the crisis @UoM, well m pan tane narien about that, or rather I kinda ignored lotsa stupid fings. Anyways, everything is calm now. Peaceful UoM…rofl lmao :p

Et bien c’est tout, i think. Now mo p commence gagn sommeil! Think its time to sleep.

p.s: Dear blog readers, kindly garde 2mins of silence en signe de respect 4 zum1 great on Sunday as its a wonderful date! A great date in history. A date when an *ANgeL*, a *Shinin Star* was born. Thank you. hehe!!

A lil Recap + A superb Recipe

19 Aug

So here I am, back after some days. I’ve had one of those weeks where each day I learn and discover new “things”..Actually one of the best fings that I’ve discovered is where you can get really good ice cream, yeah really good ones: pres kot lagare rhill juste a koT vende poule..uh mone blier so nom! 😦 I took a vanilla+chocolate flavor, there are some crummy little pieces of chocolate which is just too good..I loved it! It is at r30, in a nice lil cup 🙂 Do try it…

My last weekend for this holiday; geez time flies! Third year now… I’m gonna go uni tomorrow. Unfortunately didn’t get much time to prepare myself–>>I don’t have copybooks, pens, erasers, rulers, pencils… 😦 I’m wondering if I’ll be needin all these tomorrow or will we have one more week to buy these stuffs. Will UoM be on strike tomorrow? hehe! I’m “luvin” it, the way things are goin: it’s like am out here sittin infront of a screen at the cinema n watchin a never-endin movie while eating some good popcorn with lots of honey

Anyways, luckily we atleast got our project titles. This might keep us busy until things get back to normal. I have kinda caught up with some lost sleep these two days, and I’m feelin much better.

I cooked a chocolate cake :-). Finally it turned out to be nice-eatable. Nah frankly, jokes apart, it IS VERY GOOD. Even the hens at my place loved it, I usually share the things I cook with all my family, including pets. *angel*


Doesn’t it look yummyyyy??

Here’s the recipe:

1pot yaourt

De lhuile

3 oeufs

Chocolat Noir Fondu

Du Sucre/Icing Sugar

1 Sachet Levure

3 Tasses De Farine

Du beurre pour moule


Uh, I kinda forget how i proceeded with the preparation. but try mixing everything 🙂 lol. Nah mix le jaune d’oeuf+sucre. Melangez bien. Ensuite verse la farine la tipeu tipeu. Ajoute De lhuile. Mette du sucre. Battez bien. Mette 2cuilleres cocoa dan yaourt. Ajoute tou melange ensam ek laisse reposer pendan 5mins. Ensuite mette au four pendant 30mins 🙂 Noublie pas de beurrer moule la..

That’s it 4 2d 🙂 A nice recipe for all those who want a good chocolate cake 🙂

**Bonne rentree a bans dimounes ki p al uni demain**


14 Aug

roacha.gifYou may be wondering why I have chosen to talk about cockroaches. Ever wanted to explore this lil creature who send creeps to many among you. Read to know why I’m talking about cockroaches on a TuesDay Morning at 8. 😦

I’ve kinda explore their world and these are what I found out:


  1. What color is the blood of a cockroach?

Cockroach female adult blood is occasionally orange. All other cockroach blood is colorless.

2. What are cockroaches good for?

Cockroaches as a group are part of the worldwide food web. They are omnivore scavengers which clean up our environment and help recycle the organic litter that would accumulate if it were not decomposed by organisms which include cockroaches. Furthermore they serve as food for small mammals, birds, amphibians and lizards. There are over 3000 species of cockroaches and only 10 species are on the World Health Organization list of human pests. The other 3000 species are welcome members of the biodiversity on this planet.

3. Do cockroaches sleep?

Yes, cockroaches do sleep, if you define it that way. Cockroaches have activity rhythms, i.e. regular times in the day when they are quiet and hide away from the rest of the world as well as wakeful times when they are active, seeking food, water and a mate. While we sleep they are active; while they sleep we are active.
How convenient!

4. Do cockroaches make sounds?

There is one genus of cockroach Gromphadorhina which is known for hissing. This hissing is loud enough to scare a dog. The hissing cockroach is one of the types commonly reared by cockroach fanciers

5. What do cockroaches eat?

Cockroaches are omnivores, like us. For the most part they will eat anything organic. Mostly they eat dead or immobile things. As indicated elesewhere in the FAQ, they rarely bite a human but might nibble on a sore in the middle of the night when an animal is sleeping.
They will eat the glue off the back of postage stamps and the glue bindings off the backs of books, traditional glue being derived from animal protein.

And finally

Do cockroaches bite?

The cockroach is an omnivore, that is, it eats everything edible, animal and vegetable. So if we do not move around too much while sleeping they might be inclined to nibble on our earlobes at night. They are rarely aggressive enough to attack us while we are awake. When visiting Tulane University in New Orleans many years ago I slept in a dormitory room and cockroaches were flying down from the ceiling onto my head. I would guess that these large American cockroaches, _Periplaneta americana_, would be capable of taking a good bite out of me. Only the larger species could take a bite through our skin. Of course the skin of children is much more tender and vulnerable to a roach bite.

Grrr…. some stupid cockroach has bitten me last night on my cheekz!! si m gagn li m pou massacrer li!! spoiled ma whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got a swollen red cheeks..



Lazy..Borin day

9 Aug


I’m like this cat today… Reste Loin

Today been a really lazy day @work. I’ve been sitting around, doing nothing –>>surfing,surfing n surfing…I’m kinda gettin’ bored..n ma mood completely off!! 😦 And I’m feelin’ so sleepy!

Infact my day kinda started rilly bad…

@home i think my folks got a prob with my using the showerfor more than half hour and

@work I sent someone’s VAT invoice to another person and got a whole 30mins lecture concerning that.

so thats a bit to sum up what I’ve been through.


Gudnite…& have a Gud Day…hmmm!!

Modern Mehendi Ceremony

5 Aug


One of the ceremonies many brides-to-be and the young friends,cousins etc look forward to most is the mehendi, without a doubt.

And though the art of mehendi is an ancient one that goes back centuries, it’s also become a bit trendy — it’s caught the fancy of brides across the country and even abroad.

The mehendi ceremony usually takes place one or two days before the wedding at the bride’s place.

But with mehendi ceremonies growing bigger each passing year, the ladies and unmarried girls from both sides (bride and groom) gather well in advance at a chosen venue, where the bride’s hands and feet are gorgeously adorned. Not to be left out, guests often seize the chance to decorate their hands with intricate mehendi designs, too.

So to ensure that the mehendi is rich and dark, brides often adopt some special techniques. For example, they start with the best mehendi power available. Then, to try to preserve the results, the bride’s friends or family often heat up some cloves, and touch the warmed cloves to the bride’s palms. It’s also not uncommon for brides to periodically apply a combination of lemon and sugar to the designs — it’s supposed to ensure a richer, longer-lasting color.

Other common tricks of the trade are to heat mehendi-decorated hands over the stove. Once the mehendi dries, it is recommended to scrub it with coconut oil. They also suggest you keep your hands dry for at least 24 hours.

Today’s mehendi ceremony is often flanked by a grand spread of delicious dishes — to the delight of invitees! And families who want to fold even more opulence into the proceedings even send out separate invitations to friends and relatives for the pre-wedding mehendi function.

Thanks to the all-pervasive influence of popular films and TV shows, not to mention music videos that popularize fashionable mehendi ceremonies, the mehendi ceremonies have expanded to incorporate more and more trends carefully chosen to complement the bridal attire.