Understandin’ ppl – Understandin’ U!! [if u form part of zez species en voi d’xtinction]

13 Jul


Its true to say that humans r emotional, even the ones that don’t seem like it.


People don’t like to know, what they don’t want to know.
They used to kill the messenger that bore bad news.
Take the hint.


Everyone has their own world model, their beliefs in what is right or wrong, good or evil. (Pas vrai?? tho ena ena pli bokou evil ki gud snif snif) It is DANGEROUS to assume that another person world model is the same as yours. Xtremely DANGEROUS enkor





If you do this, you will be perpetually dumbfounded at the injustices and craziness of the world (and the lack proper behavior from other people).


Whenever you are on someone else’s turf, you had better learn their rules. [Ene ti advice sa…heed it..sinon foufff]. This is done best by observing, preferably quietly.


Everyone lives within their own world model, causing many problems when two different world models collide. When you are in a confrontation, the true skill is in figuring out what that other person’s world model is, and what you are doing wrong (which has started or is perpetuating the confrontation). If the confrontation turns into a fight, it is usually due to your lack of insight and understanding(NOT MINE :-)).


Your world models are going to affect your communications too, donc m pou ja zot be careful to avoid problems with misunderstandings and miscommunications ( ExisT em sa mot la?? :-S)


There some people that are accustomed to “friendly fights”, these are just initiation rites and putting you right into the pecking order from the start.


His rules are; he punches you (insults you), you return the favor — and you each figure out your pecking order (one of you is declared the alpha), then you lick your wounds, joke about the confrontation, and share a “pearona ou ene cidona”. Muahahahahahaha If you break the rules (i.e. kick the living crap out of him verbally or physically, or break the rules in the confrontation) you will have to be taken down a peg or three — usually with the help of the others nearby, who understand the rules (and feel you must be punished for breaking them). On the other hand, if you play by “friendly” rules where someone is deadly serious, you will likely be surprised by the lack of ethics, or the level of beating you will receive. All this can be applied metaphorically or literally (physically).



A “friendly fight” is an oxymoron to me. But when you are playing in someone elses sandbox (with his world model) you play by his rules, or leave.


Hihi tro top 😛

Gestures, jokes and humor all change by region, what was funny at home may be an insult elsewhere. Speech and meaning also change, especially with slang terms. Be aware of the way people are reacting around you, if they are reacting wrong EXPLAIN (Kindly si possible…pfff) what you meant. If you aren’t communicating well, then SHUT UP until you learn how to communicate “right”. Learning this could save your hide.


b m fini li en boT:


Right and Wrong is absolute,
I am always right,
and if you disagree you are absolutely wrong.




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