Exactly Midnite. . .DreaMz

9 Jul

Browsin’ n surfin’ while kipin maself busy! been a lonely night 😦 Mom jst wokup and asked y am still up!! Y?? Dunno..or mayB simply nt ready to face ma dreams – Dreams!!


Guess every1 got some dreams…some r fulfilled while others remain unfulfilled.



Everyone dreams, day and night..some with open eyes while others while closing their eyes. Are dreams our illusions, our fear, our happiness, our desires, our wants, our needs?? Dream events are considered imaginary but can also be an actual part of a dreamer’s life.

Our dreams usually will seem real while your dream is taking place. When you wake up, you either don’t remember it,or you realize it never happened.


Ever want to control your dreams at night? Ever decide what is gonna happen next in your dream? I find out why it is so from an article

When you become lucid, you can always decide how much control you have. Let’s say, for example, you’re flying, youcan control whether you want to keep flying or move on. You can control your dream with the simple circumstance that you have to be fully aware that you’re dreaming.
Lucid dreaming can be a spontaneous event. In lucid dreaming you can develop the skill of controlling it like learning a new language.

Lucid dreaming is a very interesting thing!

The Science of dreaming

REM Sleep


Many of you may be askin’ what the hell is REM? REM is a science term, Rapid Eye Movement, which is simply moving your eyes when you dream.


That’s it! You just have to be dreaming, and your mind is active. Scientists have formulated many statistics about how much you dream by research with Rapid Eye Movement. (Just so you know, you only have REM sleep when you dream.)


How often do we dream? According to REM research and other studies, we dream about 5 times a night, which equals about six hours of total dream time a night. Over a lifetime, according to these statistics, we dream about 136,00 times in a lifetime.Woww!!!!!!!!!!


What are nightmares? Nightmares are pretty much just scary versions of regular dreams. They do have one purpose though, to wake you up.


You can usually recall the dream after you wake up. Night Terrors Did you know that there’s another type of nightmare experience? It’s called a night symptom. It usually happens in the first few hours of sleep. It’s not a real dream; it just wakes people up terrified! Symptoms usually include pressure on the chest and extreme fright.

BEWARE!!! Sometimes even dreaming can be dangerous……



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