‘Butterfly Man’

9 Jul

‘Thrillin’ adventure into Thailand’s heart of Darkness… better than The Beach’


Butterfly man“- In thailand, a tourist who goes from one woman to another is called a butterfly man…


Stuart Laing -Adam

No, no..there’s no Eve..lol but instead Napakpapha – Em


Beautiful location shots and richly lit interiors fail to provide sufficient distraction from a naive and clumsily told story.

Lacking in emotional credibility Adam and Em mechanically fulfill what the plot demands of them, reaching an epiphany that elicited groans of derision not tears of empathy from a fidgeting audience.

Well the film is a bit about Adventure/romance, about an English backpacker whose world falls apart when he meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl on an exotic Thai island. Conclusion : Quite enjoyed the movie, especially the beautiful shots but a rather clumsy story!! Where u most expected some actions that’s where you it ends…lol!!

The story in brief

Stuart Laing

Adam (Stuart Laing) takes his girlfriend on holiday to Thailand in a last-ditch attempt to save their flagging relationship. However, in typical girlie fashion she “finds herself” by shagging the first unsuitable man who comes along – in her case, a long-haired Thai gigolo she meets on Kaosan Road.

Our newly single hero sets off on a quest to discover the real Thailand and makes his way down to Koh Samui. There, he meets a dodgy local farang who introduces him to charming Thai masseuse Em (Mamee Nakprasitte). His life will never be the same again.



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