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What a girl wants…

16 Jul

Was surfin’ on the net and i found this… Its for all guys who seem to 4get what a gal rilly wants… 😦


Be sincere ein allez tell me how many guys out there would love to be a fly on the wall among a room full of gals spilling their guts about the way they feel about them? It would definitely be a treat and could probably help guys understand exactly what it is that gals have on their minds. It’s true that gals don’t understand guys, who are as much of a mystery as gals.



If you are involved in a new relationship it would be wise not to be too affectionate yet until you feel you have gotten to know each other enough to advance to that stage of the relationship. A woman needs to know she has her space, but that you will be there if she needs you.

In case you didn’t notice, you better notice soon, that a woman thinks unlike a man and has different needs than a man. It’s important to a woman to be understoodThis may mean she is bothered by something that wouldn’t necessarily bother you. You will often need to put your manly ways aside to understand where she’s coming from and to be sensitive to it.


If you can do that. She will be surprised and happy.





Ah yes! Respect.


Don’t be confrontational if you can help it. If she’s got something on her mind that’s bothering her and it shows, be respectful to her feelings.Let her have her say AND LISTEN. Respond without anger and insult or you can kiss your ars good-bye. It’s really not asking much to have some respect. If you can’t do that, it’s going nowhere. Respect would include manners. Be polite, open the door, and notice that she is there. Walking beside you not behind you.


Got something on YOUR mind?? Speak up! Talk. Say something. Doesn’t it feel so good after you say what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid what she’ll say. She will more than likely be thrilled (also,surprised) to hear you speak from your heart. She’ll be thinking ” Wow, A real man!” not “What am I living with!” if that be the case, you can save your own self from years of un-happyness.


Wow! How could I forget the most important thing!


COMPROMISE! You must be able to compromise!

Gentle acts of kindness go a long way!!


Those little things you do for her will not go unnoticed. An occasional big thrill (surprise) is great now and then but too much of the kiss-a$$’n can be a turn-off. It can be refered to as an obsession. But, the little things you do for her will bring emotional dividends of joy for both of you.

Remember to be thoughtful. Take the time to say and do what you plan for her. IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.


Don’t pretend. Be yourself even if YOU think it’s not good enough for her, it is.


Don’t over spend but don’t be cheap either.


Don’t lie to her. If she pesters you with some suspicious questions, know that she is aware of many things. so BETTER TELL HER THE TRUTH


Do things together but recognize when she needs to do it alone.


Let her know that you know she has a choice.


Make sure when your out together that she is having a good time.


Be open minded but keep the personal stuff out of the conversation with others. This is respect of your relationship.


Be alone as often as you can to talk, listen and love each other.


Most of all, just make time for your relationship. Don’t let it slide away just because you think you have her now. Keep it fresh every day. A relationship needs constant nurturing or it will die.


Let her know, now and then, how much you enjoy her company. If she is an important part of your life, it should be expressed.


Show her your good points and let them shine


If you can sing. Sing something sweet to her.


If you can cook, cook something nice for her.


Be honest:Don’t pretend.This means don’t try to impress her with things you can’t really do.Don’t fake it. She will know and you’ll be in trouble.


If you don’t have a nice thing to say, don’t say it. At least find a respectable way of putting it if you must.


Hmmm..that’s all for now!! Hope u put some in practice…lol!!

Allez Hav a nice week… images_5d621b8e44b7961a0d6fa57aec7d.gif

Sunday Blues -The Pursuit Of HappYness

15 Jul

SunD blues, reds,yellows, seein all colours[Ene sunD multicolores] Snif Snif…


Did it eva happen to u zat u jst sit back n think….!!! yeh T-H-I-N-K…think abt yr whole life back n ahead! That’s what happenin’ to me right now! AFTER WATCHIN “THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS

Chris and Christopher

(aha, z film finally was ok) Its a wonderful film, I highly recommend it to everyone, its got a great moral behind’-It shows u how sum1 can actually achieve somethin’ even in moments of homelessness, jail time, tax seizure and the overall punishing despair in a quest to achieve something- he accomplished his goal simply by believin in himself and bein true and frank. He cried, and sometimes was totally helpless but he neva lost hope.


There are some phrases in the film which u really cant get outa ur mind:

1. They all looked so damn happy to me. Y couldn’t I be like that?


This is when Will smith (Chris) was standing amidst a crowd, a big huge crowd of successful ppl. Everyone was so busy, walkin here and there, smilin’, talkin’ while he stands still and watched them all. It’s like he felt so small in this world of big…


2. There are three parts of his life […] three parts b4 bein successful – 1st part- “This part of my life is called bein’ STUPIDHere, he gave a street musician his “medical bone density scanner” – its a machine which he sells to hospitals. And of course the musician ran away with it.


2nd part-This part of my life is called moneyThis is the part where he’s left with no money to pay anythin’. He tries to sell his medical bone density scanners in all hospitals but few of them were sold. Even if they were, twas for some 20bucks.


3nd part-“This part of my life is called internshipThis part is when his wife who toiled in double shifts to support the family left him for New York. This was because Will has the desperate inspiration to try for a stockbroker internship where one in twenty has a chance of a lucrative full time career. Even when his wife leaves him because of this choice, Will clings to this dream with his son even when the odds become more daunting by the day.


4rd & Final part-This part of my life is called happyness


And this is where Will got his happiness by believing that he can do it…by pursuin his dreams despite the hardship faced. Out of 20, he was selected for the job.


3. Don’t let somebody tell u that u cant do something – Not even me…That is what will told his son, christopher.


Overall fantastic movie, i’d rate that 4.7/5. It is said to be a true story..if it rilly is, i’d say hats off to that person who was in will smith’s shoes!!!!!!


Uh was I a bit toooo emotional…lol! nah rilly i really really really appreciated the movie. Did u watch it? how u find it? lemme know!


Yeh 1other fing in this film, u’ll find will smith always smartly dressed despite his situation. the only day when he’s is in a mess is on his day of interview. :p Imagine landin’ up in an interview with jeans, jackets whose zip is broken, paint staints on the face… :p n yet get thru the interview successfullyso finally is bein well dressed a must for gettin thru an interview successfully or just bein frank, honest and confident???


Well on this i’d say have a wonderful SunD evenin’…


I find SunD evenin’ as the most peaceful and most romantic time of the week….fabulous time to spend on the beach watchin z stars, cool breeze, splash of the sea against the sand. hmmm…ok am back in my dreamland! lol…

KI plan Zordi?

14 Jul

bzin gagn 2-3 films ek m bans cuzs…donc pou assizer pou guet fim 🙂

Le temps la rilly niceeee!! ensoleille e tou! Wonderful for shoppin’ but too lazy 4zat zurji! Ah oui am learning

1) Autocad

Hmm…already weekend..a lazy weekend! Wanted to sleep longer but sunrays in ma room were annoyin’, didnt even leme sleep longer + in the kitchen dad’s old songs!! pfff…


Ok i’m finally up, shower n everyfn’!! wat wil i b up2 all day?? iv bought a dvd[The pursuit of Happyness] @ rs40 yesterday, z price was quite tempting..say y not buy it since weekend pa pou ena narien em pou faire! madame la in try tou, n everyfg was workin perfectly!! mai @ home its nt workin’… pa grave lundi m pou retourne li, hehe! [dvds r so cheap nowadays bt of poor quality- ya kelk1 ki kan trouv dvds cheap pa kav gueT, li pou asT tou,lol!!!!!!] enfin moi am nt used to buyin cds or dvds…m gagn preT rofl!! i find it quite sad to spend money on zez stuffs ki m pou see just once or twice n afterwards m pou prete ozers..n finally li pu! Donc m prefere pren preT ek cams ek cuzs, or simply dl it from z net, ya so many free sites hihihihihihihi! dan sa place la m pa gagn ene bon ti truc pou moi..hmmm!


[m lecran p blink :-S :-S]


SaturD : movie day! d’ici taler pou2) Photoshop

3) Flash

4) Adobe Illustrator 🙂

I got some nice works done [pu fa print screen laterz]…

on this byebye! m al rod ene truc pou eat

Bon wikend!!!!! 🙂


Understandin’ ppl – Understandin’ U!! [if u form part of zez species en voi d’xtinction]

13 Jul


Its true to say that humans r emotional, even the ones that don’t seem like it.


People don’t like to know, what they don’t want to know.
They used to kill the messenger that bore bad news.
Take the hint.


Everyone has their own world model, their beliefs in what is right or wrong, good or evil. (Pas vrai?? tho ena ena pli bokou evil ki gud snif snif) It is DANGEROUS to assume that another person world model is the same as yours. Xtremely DANGEROUS enkor





If you do this, you will be perpetually dumbfounded at the injustices and craziness of the world (and the lack proper behavior from other people).


Whenever you are on someone else’s turf, you had better learn their rules. [Ene ti advice sa…heed it..sinon foufff]. This is done best by observing, preferably quietly.


Everyone lives within their own world model, causing many problems when two different world models collide. When you are in a confrontation, the true skill is in figuring out what that other person’s world model is, and what you are doing wrong (which has started or is perpetuating the confrontation). If the confrontation turns into a fight, it is usually due to your lack of insight and understanding(NOT MINE :-)).


Your world models are going to affect your communications too, donc m pou ja zot be careful to avoid problems with misunderstandings and miscommunications ( ExisT em sa mot la?? :-S)


There some people that are accustomed to “friendly fights”, these are just initiation rites and putting you right into the pecking order from the start.


His rules are; he punches you (insults you), you return the favor — and you each figure out your pecking order (one of you is declared the alpha), then you lick your wounds, joke about the confrontation, and share a “pearona ou ene cidona”. Muahahahahahaha If you break the rules (i.e. kick the living crap out of him verbally or physically, or break the rules in the confrontation) you will have to be taken down a peg or three — usually with the help of the others nearby, who understand the rules (and feel you must be punished for breaking them). On the other hand, if you play by “friendly” rules where someone is deadly serious, you will likely be surprised by the lack of ethics, or the level of beating you will receive. All this can be applied metaphorically or literally (physically).



A “friendly fight” is an oxymoron to me. But when you are playing in someone elses sandbox (with his world model) you play by his rules, or leave.


Hihi tro top 😛

Gestures, jokes and humor all change by region, what was funny at home may be an insult elsewhere. Speech and meaning also change, especially with slang terms. Be aware of the way people are reacting around you, if they are reacting wrong EXPLAIN (Kindly si possible…pfff) what you meant. If you aren’t communicating well, then SHUT UP until you learn how to communicate “right”. Learning this could save your hide.


b m fini li en boT:


Right and Wrong is absolute,
I am always right,
and if you disagree you are absolutely wrong.



~~After 1 week of WorK~~

12 Jul


k ziska ler m penkor soV from work! zordi faire 1 semaine exactement depi mone rentre travail! wi l’experience d1 semaine la eT cool… I did enjoy but most importantly i learnt how to be responsible, how to take decisions-important ones, bref i learnt so many things..yeh i drafted up an invoice, i also made a professional letter which was excellent. I got my pc(ecran lcd si ou ple…wireless mouse wireless teach koi..haha), my phone(PABX si ou ple) and cki pli important my drawers and its key! n i can say that by now its full…

en parlant de drawers jme suis souvenu de mo locker at uni…hmmm ya tant d trucs ddan! m pou try get a piX of it! n z piX wil b visa 18 et ame sensible a s’abstenir…hehe!! [ may i know wats in ur mind la???? :-S)

ah wi mone gagn envi ekrir en rose!! c zuli non!! kan m trouv sa couleur la m pense bans ti bebes bien bien mignons et chous… bon m croir sa category la zis pou work sa donc pa pou bring bebe to work kan meme!!

wi leme xplain imP how m “office” eT…well actually am sharing it with aman…mo collegue! ena 2cupboard ki rempli ek files ek la poussiere, jprefere pa aventure ddan, apre wi ena moquette enba, ena 4 la limiere zoli zoli, 1 AC ki zame On parceki mons aman gagn la grippe 365 jrs! ena ene whiteboard ek 3markers(2rouge, 1vert) ek so duster! ena 3printers, 1fax machine, scanner copier tou pour moi!! hihi!!

wi m chaise la chose la plu importante bof li pa tro zuli mai li comfortab mo bouz bouzer lorla ene jrnee!! hihi!! nice to roam about in the room..

m pc so background ena 1fleur..1fleur mauve chai pa tro couma li appeler mai li zuli… 🙂

ps: piX will b uploaded soon, till then byebye

Analysis & Report of My “hormones” right now!!

12 Jul


GudMornin’…woke up in a pretty good mood 2d! 🙂 mai kel drenched up!! mone gagn ene bus ki fouff…m ti bzin amene ene pince(pince cki pince bans linz :-S)!!


m demand moi si zot mett bans chiens errants dormi dan bus asoir!! pfff! mne rentr work a lheur comme d’hab! 🙂 wi wi a LHEURE!! hard to believe mais dpi mone commence travay zamer m pan arive en retard!! [merci merci…:-)] euh c grace a ene chou ki m ressi ariv bonere!! lol (bow bow) hehe!! [am sure so 32 lesdents in fini sorti dhors la] was surfin’ wen i came across this poem which i find very inspiring and qui suit ma situation en ce moment!!!


Fo jamais baisser les bras! Strive, fight…n ull come out as a winner!! it has been well said that life aint a bed of roses! u can’t always xpect success…failures r part of life!wen u fall n decide to wake up u r 4 times stronger [in my case 6times stronger :-)]


There comes a time when you must stand alone

You must feel confident enough within yourself to follow your own dreams.

You must be willing to make sacrifices.

You must be capable of changing and rearranging your priorities so that your final goal can be achieved.

Sometimes, familiarity and comfort need to be challenged.

There are times when you must take a few extra chances and create your own realities.

Be strong enough to at least try to make your life better.

Be confident enough that you won’t settle for a compromise just to get by.

Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life.

Don’t stand in someone else’s shadow when it’s your sunlight that should lead the way.

After thorough analysis i can deduce that






1. I’m standin’ all alone.




3. Sacrifices…I don’t know which sacrifices i can make…if you know do leme know??


4. Changing n rearranging my priorities!! I’ve yet to know about my priority. [studies or …???]


5. Try make my life better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Won’t settle for a compromise just to go by – hmmm!! okiz


7. I do appreciate myself.. I’m unique! yes I am! n yeh im definitely INTELLIGENT dan tous les sens !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8.Ok move on…that’s not yr place!! Its MINE!! 🙂


Back to work

11 Jul

Maliha at work

Zordi mone decide pou resume work..en bonne humeur! mais zot tou p guet moi ene l’air triste……..pffff!! bon dimoune la in fini mort, laisse moi trankil aster!!


wi revenons a nos moutons..chwi enkor dan mood depressif la!!! wi wi jdprime grave!! Zat fuckin result stil haunting me day n niteeeeeeee!! zat suxxx… le moment de prendre les decisions est la! mai jne c kel decisionprendre. snif snif


b sinon la jtaff! mone generate ene lettre professionelle si ou ple ek pleins d mots legal 🙂 ek directeur la m’a dit “tres bien Maliha”. Needless to say mone commence envoler… mone gagn 2zuli les ailes!! 🙂 hihihi!


bon c tou pr now! m p faim..jrien manG since le matin! donc jv bouffer!!




…:::::Quote of the day::::….


The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.